Technology New Years Resolutions

Since we are now in a new year, I thought it would be a cool idea to make technology New Years resolutions and post them and then follow up with them at the end of the year to see how I did.

1. Use more Cloud Computing

I have been a strong advocate of Cloud computing for a while and although, I use many Cloud services, I plan on using more in my daily life and I will continue to update all of you with my articles of services that I begin to use and tell you what changes I will make during the year.

2. Responsibly Dispose of Old Electronics

As you can imagine, being a technology enthusiast, I have collected many old electroncis that no longer are useful for me and just take up space sitting around. I plan to take them to places that will recycle them and dispose of my old gadgets in a responile way that will not be harmful to the environment. This will be also covered with a blog article once I have completed this so that everyone can do this with their broken and unwanted gadgets.

3. Reduce papers and use more Digital Documents

As I have mentioned in a previous article, I am trying to reduce my papers and replace them with digital copies so that I can have access to the data and not have papers lying around.

I will follow up with these goals as things happen and post advice if you are interested in these as well!

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