The Internet Has Revolutionized Video

With the internet, video is becoming easier to produce, and distribute and making content available for the whole world, on-demand! This makes  it more possible for independent producers to distribute their content especially with video cameras becoming as inexpensive as they are now!  There are also many video sharing sites like Youtube that let users post content and share it with the world.

Previous to the internet, pre-production and planning would have to be done with everyone in the same room working on the show and if they had consult people not there, they would have to mail materials causing a major delay in the production process. Now, through email, cloud computing and video conferencing production can be worked on by people around the world and collaboration can occur over the web instantaneously.

It used to be video could only be broadcast over television and could only be seen when it was being broadcasted and only on a certain viewing area. This both made it hard for producers to get their content out to be seen and it made it difficult viewers to watch what they want to because they would have to schedule their time just to watch a particular show. Now, producers can make their content , and edit it on a computer and upload to a video sharing site and advertise it online, and have a worldwide audience instead of just the broadcast area of the channel. This is also much less expensive than producing for TV!

The internet has changed the way video has been made and distributed and has opened the opportunity for anyone to be a movie producer.This also provides access to a much larger viewing audience and lets the viewers see the show anytime. This also provides a better oppertunity to make money and to make money creating internet content like Revision3 has done. This is an exciting time both for producers and viewers to get the content they want when they want it!


  1. Rich says:

    This is so true

  2. Bob says:

    This is a well-written commentary on the recent advances in video production.

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