The Potential of Airplay

Airplay is Apple’s technology that allows iOS users to play media on their iOS devices on to their TV, speaker systems and other Airplay devices. Right now this only applies to music and video. However, I think in the future Airplay will be used for much more and will let your iOS device stream many things. First I think you will be able to stream apps so that you can play games on a big screen controlled by your iOS device. This is very likely because the new Digital AV adapter allows the newest generation to have screen mirroring so everything on the iOS device screen can be displayed on the big screen. So why not further develop AirPlay and instead of having to have an adapter and running a cable, you can just do it all wirelessly and would be better for Apple in the long run because it would make more people buy Apple TV which are $100 instead of $30 adapter and AirPlay would be much more convient. I think this will happen within the next 2 years it will make Apple TV a much more useful product and give iOS users more ability to share their content!

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