Things That Should ALWAYS Be Left Out of Websites

Now that Yahoo has shut down Geocities, earlier this month, there are several elements of website design that originated in the early days of the Internet that are now, in 2009, out of date and should not be included in websites anymore. Use of these make websites look unprofessional and out of date. I recommend that if anyone who is reading this article has a website with any of these, I highly recommend removing them and making their website look much better.

    1. Animated GIFS

Yes, they were entertaining to put on your website 10 years ago but, now, they are just lame and don’t belong on any websites in 2009.

    1. Guestbooks

Another old method of getting feedback from people but now, it is just outdated and ridiculous.

    1. Hit Counters

I don’t know why people wanted to put their number of hits on their front page to start, it is just unprofessional. Now, you can just use Google Analytic to track your hits and get much more information that a simple page counter from 1995

    1. Basic HTML Pages

Basic HTML websites just look horrible and have been made obsolete with the invention of CSS and other modern design languages

Now that those features are posted, I really hope all webmasters will take them out of any of their current websites and most importantly leave them out of any new websites they are making. These features are annoying and out of date and need to leave the internet forever!

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