Thinking of Upgrading to Final Cut Pro X? Wait!

As I mentioned previously, Final Cut Pro X did not receive the warm reception from editing professionals Apple probably expected. It lacks a lot of features that Final Cut Pro 7 had, in addition to the ability to edit legacy Final Cut Pro files. So the big question is: Should I Upgrade to Final Cut Pro X? Well, I would say for current Final Cut Pro users to wait until they add back the missing Pro features or at the very least, keep the old Final Cut Studio and also install Final  Cut Pro X. With the new version of Final Cut, you can install Final Cut Pro X and during the installation process, it will move the old version of  Final Cut to a folder called “Final Cut Studio” so that you can run both. If you can afford it, you might want to get the new software, just to learn it so that you can be prepared for when it gets straightened out and then continue to edit most projects on Final Cut Studio. If you are a Final Cut Express or iMovie user and are looking into take the next step into more advanced editing this might be a good choice especially for iMovie users, because Final Cut Pro X can import iMovie Projects. Final Cut Express users will like it for the new pro features, as long as they don’t have a need to edit old projects. For those who want to get into editing Final Cut Pro X would be a good way to get started but if you are a current Final Cut user, wait until the pro features are added back but consider buying Final Cut Pro X to learn it and get ready  for when it is all straightened out.


  1. jeff says:

    Hey im really looking into buying a mac. you seem like a avid apple user based on your website/posts. Any advise? Im currently a pc user and am looking to take the plunge into apple. But its kinda expensive to do so. Im a student in iowa but even with the college discount its much more expensive over a pc of similar specs. My question to you is why go mac? and what are the benefits over pc that mac has. Thanks ill look back to this article for your response.

  2. Mike Gdovin says:

    Sorry, for not responding earlier, I wrote a comment right away on a mobile app but, for some reason it never published. Anyway back to the answer, some of the advantages are: security (very few, rare viruses for mac), more reliability, great customer support, and it is really great
    for people into creative things like video editing, photography, music creation and comes with a iMovie, iPhoto and Garageband. Let me know if you have anymore questions

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