Tips for Learning A Piece of Software

There are so many pieces of software available for personal computers and there are so many useful pieces of software with so many features it is hard to learn. I am currently learning how to use Final Cut Express and although I have taught myself how to basically use it, as I have done for many pieces of software before, I decided it was such an important program for me to learn that, I should fully learn it and learn everything so I can get the most use out of it! Here are some tips on how to master software.

1. Buy a Book

Books are probably the best way of learning so you have a tool that is organized in a logical fashion and make sense to learn from. It also gives you a reference to look back at if  you have any questions later on . One of my favorite series of these books is the Visual Quickstart Guides however, if you want to learn any Apple Software, then your best bet is the Apple Training Series because they are approved by Apple and have consulted with Apple when they were writing the books.

2. Get Online Video Tutorials

Search around for tutorials on the web, some may be free while others require you to pay for them. However when learning something visual, video tutorials are very helpful. I know that when I found these great, free Final Cut Express tutorials, they helped me tremendously in learning Final Cut because I can watch them do the work in real time and see the techniques so I can learn them better.
Similar to Video tutorials, podcasts both audio and video will also enhance your learning of the software and will help you better learn the software.

3. Forums and Community Sites

The final resources are just forums and other community sites where users can help each other as well as list problems that they may experience. Many software creators like Apple have offical forums on their website so theirusers can help each other and report problesm they experience.

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