Tips For Selling Stuff Online

I have been selling things online for  a year or two now mostly on Amazon although  I now sell products on E-Bay as well. I thought I would provide some tips on how to sell the old things you have laying around or things you just don’t want.

  1. Be Honest- Be honest about the condition of you product. Make sure the buyer knows about anything worth mentioning about the product. The customers will know what they are getting and will give you better feedback which is crucial to get more customers because people are more likely to buy from someone who has higher feedback. However, keep it brief, don’t make them read an essay about the book they want to buy.
  2. Include Pictures– Amazon usually has stock pictures for most products in their marketplace, but whenever you want to sell something make sure there are pictures and especially of you particular item because if there is damage or anything it will help the buyer assess the damage and decide if they want to buy it or not.
  3. Keep Prices Reasonable- When people buy things online, they are looking for a bargain and don’t want to spend a ton of money. This especially applies to used products, so before listing your item, research competitors’ prices and if possible (or feasible) go slightly lower even by a few cents, and you are more likely to be chosen over your competitors. Unless your product is better quality than your competitors. Amazon makes this easy because you can see the new, used and marketplace price when listing an item.
  4. Help Whenever Possible– If a customer or potential customer contacts you, be sure to get back to them ASAP and be truthful. If you are quick to respond and helpful that will help you over your competitors  and get better feedback further helping your future sales.
  5. Ship quickly-When your product sells get it out as soon as possible, I usually get it out the same day or the next day so I can get it to my customer as soon as possible and so if there are problems, I can resolve them quickly.
  6. Give Refunds if The Customer is Unhappy- If the product has a problem or the customer isn’t happy with the product, just have them send it back and give them a full refund, if you don’t it could ruin your feedback and hinder your future sales. In my experience, customers who get a refund still give you good feedback even though they weren’t happy with the product because you took the care to handle it.

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