Uses for the Mac Mini

The Mac Mini  is a small computer that is currently the least expensive Mac on the market. The reason is because the Mac Mini only comes with the computer and leaves out the keyboard, mouse and monitor which is fine if you have those laying around. However the entry price is very high at $600 and does not provide the specs that are equivolent for that price tag. However, there are a few uses that the Mac Mini is perfect for.

1. Media Center

One of the simplist uses for this, is a media center where you just hook up the Mac Mini to you big screen TV and  unlock a lot of possibilities. First you can play web meda like, Podcasts on your big home theater and other digtial media like music, video and many others in the comfort of your living room. You could also get a capture care to let you use your Mac Mini as a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) to record TV and watch whenever it is convienient for you.Finally, you can surf the internet and watch video on the big screen with sites like Hulu.

2. Home Server

The Mac Mini also makes a great home server where you can store your files for either backing them up, sharing with other computers or streaming media throughout your home. All you need to do is hook it up to your home network and setup file sharing on each computer.

3. Kitchen Computer or Home Management System

Maybe you want to have a computer to browse and store recipies using software like, SousChief, where you can find recipes or to track a family schedule or what you need to pick-up at the market. The Mac Mini is perfect because you don’t need to much power and you can just set this up on a kitchen counter and you can do all this and more.

There are 3 great uses for the Mac Mini and could make it much more worthwhile and more viable. One note though, is that if you don’t want to pay full price you can try and buy it used and save some money!

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