Verizon iPhone Thoughts

Today is the day that iPhone fans have been waiting for probably for the past 3 and a half years! Verizon announced that they will be selling the iPhone 4 starting February 10th! This is the same iPhone 4 that has been available on AT&T for almost a year but with a CDMA radio and a few other  modifications. The biggest change is that it will operate as a Wireless hotspot over WiFi, Bluetooth and USB a feature that AT&T does have but with data limitations and a up charge. This is free with the data plan which is unlimited! They also will have the white iPhone available in the Spring so for those who have been waiting for the white iPhone, your wait is almost over. I think this is great especially for people who have lousy AT&T service in their area and give customers more choice in which carrier they want. The only concern that I have is that they are putting out the iPhone 4 out in February and they are presumably releasing a new iPhone in June on both Verizon and AT&T so those who want to switch to Verizon might be better off waiting until June. This is of course assuming that Verizon will be on  the same release cycle.  Either way this is great news and hopefully, the iPhone will become available on more carriers in the future.

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