Vimeo, A better video sharing site!

As I mentioned in the most recent episode of The Weekly Spin, Youtube took down my account without warning. Although I contacted them, I have not gotten a reply back but, now I decided it would be better just to switch video sharing sites. I looked around, and realized Vimeo has the best options and has the best player. The biggest advantage is that there is no length limit unlike Youtube’s 10 minute limit which is a major pain. Vimeo also allows you to post HD video and have a very clean and well designed player.

The free account, that I have, limits you to upload 500 MB per week. This concerned me at first however, I was able to upload my whole video library that was on my youtube account and used less than half of my weekly allowance. I think it would be great if your left-overs could roll over but, I guess for now if you don’t use it you loose it. 500 MB is about 1/2 a gigabyte so, unless you are making a lot of high definition video, this should be fine. It was no problem for me at all! There is a pro account called, Vimeo Plus, for $60/year where you get 5 GB of upload each week which should satisfy the pros. Also, with Vimeo Plus you get no wait time for transcoding while with a free account it takes about an hour to encode the video. All these features are great and put your videos in a beautiful player that looks very slick and professional. The only dowside to Vimeo is that it is not as popular as Youtube but, it is really a great player and great way to share your videos online. I will now be posting all my personal videos on my personal vimeo and I have moved all my Video Blogs to Vimeo as well! This is a great service and I have tried other services like Blip.Tv, Viddler and others and vimeo is the best of them all!

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