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It has been a while since I put together a media center. Anymore you can get a lot of content over the web and don’t even need cable subscription, so this collection will be for getting all the media over the web and enjoying it in your home theater.

****Please note all prices are estimations and you can find items for more or less of the price I quote*****

  1. HDTV- $1,000
  2. Mac Mini–  $699 (Newest Model)
  3. Wireless Mouse and Keyboard-$100
  4. HDMI Cable- $5 (Depends on length)


Xbox 360– $199

Wii- $199

PS3 (Includes Bluray Player)– $299.99 or $349.99


  1. When buying a TV, 1080P is the highest  video quality and is recommended for the best viewing, however if you would like to save some money you could get a 1080i or 720P TV
  2. Keep in mind that the maximum resolution of the Mac Mini HDMI port is 1920 by 1200 so be sure to keep that in mind when you buy your TV
  3. No need to get a DVD player, just use the one built into the Mac Mini
  4. You may want to consider upgrading the Mac Mini Hard drive if you plan on storing a lot of large files
  5. Surge Strips are highly recommended so you can protect your electronics from electrical surges
  6. Game consoles are included for 2 reasons: gaming and media, all three can stream from Netflix and the PS3 can also play Bluray disks- although I do not recommend them

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