What is Net Neutrality?

If you have heard in the news recently about Verizon and Google making some big deal that would let them “take over the internet”, it is Google and Verizon’s plans to implement a tiered internet on mobile devices. A tiered internet would bring cable-style pricing and services to the internet meaning if you want access to more websites, you have to pay more, if you get the cheapest internet plan, you have access to the larger sites like Google but, to access smaller site you have to buy a more expensive internet package. So the more sites you want to access, the more you have to pay. This is wrong for many reasons. First, this will crush the open market of the Internet and will help the larger sites get more views and will prevent people from visting smaller sites and will just help the bigger websites get bigger. It also will limit the points of view that they will be able to access because only the larger sites unless you want to pay extra.

I think it is the tiered pricing structure that is killing cable and it would destroy the freedom of the internet.The reason I wrote this article is to help people understand what is going on because it will affect everyone on the internet and will especially hurt the smaller sites like mine. If you want to learn more about what is going on in Net Neutrality and to see what you to do to help go to savetheinternet.com and it is every Internet user’s responsibility to fight for net neutrality. If Congress passes legislation for a tiered internet, the web will be terrible and would prevent the free flow of information.

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