What to Do With Your Old Computer

So you bought that shiney new computer, but what are you going o do with your old computer? There are actually a lot of options but, most people end up just throwing it out. I want to provide some better suggestions than putting it in a landfill and many of these options can help you in the long run.

1. Run Linux

I have said how much Linux has grown recently and has become a viable contender in the operating system marketand why not give it a try, since you already have the old computer. Then you will know what all the fuss over Linux is about

2. Home Server

Another option, is setting the old computer up as a home server where you can server files, stream music and backup data. The easiest way of acheieving this is to run FreeNas and install that which will make all the modificatiojns needed to turn your old junker into a awesome home server.

3. Media Center

A old PC would also make a good media center which will allow you to a lot more in your living room. First, you can play web-content like podcasts and videos over your big TV and fully enjoy it. You can also play music over your home sound system and surf the web on your big screen. Finally, you could buy a TV capture card and turn that computer into a Digital video record and watch your favorite shows anytime, anywhere.

4. Donate your Processing Power

You can install a program called Folding@home and donate your processing power to research and help cure cancer and many other important issues.

5. Turn it into a Hardware Firewall

If you have several computers and why worry about running software firewalls on each one when with one more network interface card, you can install SmoothWall and put the firewall on your network and not have to bother with running software on each machine and still stay safe from hackers.

6. Donate it!

As the administrator of a church computer lab whose computers were all donated, I can not stress enough how helpful donations are. If you don’t want yout old computer laying around your home and want to give3 it to people who need it check your local churches, schools, and other non-profit organizations because they can really use them.

7. Sell it online!

If the computer is still functioning you  can sell it online, it may not make you rich but, it could definitly get you some money towards a new computer.

8. Sell if for Parts

If you have a few working parts, and the skill to disassemble a computer, then you could make some money off selling your computer for parts. You will be amazed how desperate people are if their computer breaks and how much they are willing to pay for a replacement part, especially if the parts are rare.

9. Recycle It

If all else fails, take it to a recycling center that can properly dispose of the parts and minimize the impact on the economy.

I hope this article helped everyone decide what they should do with their computer and hopefully get even more out of them.

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