Why is Apple So Special?

It seems that when ever Apple so much as updates it’s products or it’s CEO, Steve Jobs, looks a little sick, they make front page news. Apple is the subject of a wide variety of rumor sites and speculation. Everything Apple does ends up being a big deal and why doesn’t Microsoft’s Product announcements or any other company get as much attention when they put out their new products. I believe that there are several reasons that this occurs and this is also why people are willing to pay more for their products.

The primary reason is that they have a “cult” leader, Steve Jobs, that makes product announcements exciting and makes them something people will remember years in the future. He also makes his keynotes by adding his unique style in it and adding humor when necessary.

The next reason Apple has the following it does and why people are willing to pay the extra money for the mac is because Apple products have become a fashion statement and is cool to have them. Apple also has the best advertising campaigns around and by making their products appear to be the best around and by putting their commercials to catchy songs as they usually do, which makes the song get stuck in the viewer’s head and has them thinking of the product all day.

Even though a lot of Apple’s products are not the first of it’s kind, Apple makes it’s products unique and make the consumers want to have the best even if it really isn’t. For example, before Apple released the iPods, MP3 players existed from many other companies but, Apple made their iPod be simple and elegant and the iPod ended up getting a 75% market share in the Mp3 player market. Same with the iPhone, there have been smartphones since the 1990’s but, when Apple released theirs they made it such a big deal that it was able to gain a 25% market share in it’s first year.

Finally, Apple computers cost more than a Dell or HP computer yet many people choose the mac why? It is because Apple’s operating system is more advanced than Windows, is more secure and provides much more simplicty. Mac OS has been a major improvement in my computing life and is probably the best computer choice I have ever made. Apple could put a product that hardly works on the market but, it will still sell because the Apple brand is so powerful.

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