Why Mac OS is Superior

Despite the many years of Windows-Only use, I have realized that now the Macintosh OS is much better than the Windows system. The reason is because the Mac OS is just simply more elegant and looks so much better Windows is just average while, Mac OS looks like are on the machine.  In addition once you start using the mac and get used to it, the mac is much faster to get things done because of the simplicity. Another advantage is that the Mac OS is built on Unix and because of that, it’s security is vastly superior to Windows and it does not have any viruses to wreck your system. Finally, Mac OS has a lot of great programs built in and makes it much easier to get started faster without any extra work.

I know this article is short but those are all of the basic reasons on why Mac OS is superior, and the simplicity and saftey make the mac a much better environment. Also, Apple makes a limited number of systems and because of that, there are not nearly as many compatibility as Windows. The only downside of the Mac is the larger price tag, that goes with buying a Mac but, I believe it is totally worth it!

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