Why Optical Storage is Obosolete

At Apple’s notebook event on Tuesday Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, was asked about the addition of the new Bluray technology being included in their computers and while Jobs said Apple was waiting for licencing to become more affordable he mentioned that Apple already provides a great way to get high-definition movies via the iTunes store. I could not agree more, optical disk drives have become much less necessary now more than ever because the fast internet connections have become much more affordable to consumers. This allows services like iTunes and Unbox to provide movies to the consumers at much lower prices and at a much higher convenience.  In addition, larger and faster hard drives allows people to have their movies on their hard drives and have them with them anywhere or watch on the internet in a flash player accessible anywhere! As for software, a lot of software disks are only needed when it is being installed and a lot of people are beginning to use web-based applications that can be accessed on any computer and does not need to be installed on local machines. The one type of applications that usually require the disk to be in the disk drive while being used is video games and as computer capacities get larger, more games will be disk-free. My idea for the best method of distributing software, is developing a web-based store (Similar to Amazon and iTunes) and buy installers from there and completely taking optical media out of the equation. This solution would require an authentication process to limit users from installing applications on as many computers as they want thus, stealing from the company who worked to program the application. In my plan the store would also keep track of what applications you purchased and how many licenses you bought so that you can authorize an de-authorize computers from a web control panel and if you need to reinstall an application you can re-acquire the application from the website with ease.  As for burning CDs and DVDs, I do that so in frequently it  has become something I seldom do in my lifestyle.  Burning CDs to play in your car or stereo isn’t practical now that most cars and stereos have MP3 player adaptors and DVDs are really not necessary now that devices exist that let you stream files from your computer files to be played on your large screen  TV.  I believe that Bluray will not be widely adopted and instead people will begin to use digital purchases more regularly and make it more valuable for the movie industry to get their movies available for digital download and same goes for music, television shows and software. I am predicting that in the next few years people will not be getting optical disk drives  and will begin to live disk free. Another advantage is you won’t have to store those disks and work to find them when you have to reinstall applications.

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  1. ThePlaz says:

    I have a computer with a removable drive. I’ve only used in twice in the last 6 months.

    The 2 times were watching movies from Netflix. Netflix’s watch on demand’s selection (was) pitiful. The Starz movies have made it better, but still only a small fraction of DVDs can be seen online. Also there are no extras online. The quality difference does not matter to me as long as it goes fully fullscreen and does not look awful. Fox’s watch on demand is beautiful. And that is DVD quality. I don’t really care for HD – DVD quality is just as good.

    All the software on this machine was downloaded and is legal. (commercial and open source) Office I bought online, Firefox was downloaded, drivers was downloaded.

    Plus downloaded software is always up to date.

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