WWDC 2008 Predictions

The Apple Worldwide developers conference is going to begin Monday June 9th and Steve Jobs will, as always take the stage and make the announcements for apple. I will be watching the video when it is posted later on Monday afternoon but here are my predictions of what announcements will be made:

  1. 3G Iphone– This is almost confirmed because there have been reports a 3G iphone for a long time and I think this is where they will launch it.
  2. Mac OS 10.6 Leopard was just released and now I think they will probably announce the next version of OSX that will most likley be out by early 2010.
  3. New Macbook, let’s face it the Macbook has the same basic design as the ibook G4 and no longer matches the consumer desktop, Imac. I’m thinking they will make it a alluminum lapop similar to the macbook pro with multitouch.
  4. New Mac Mini- The mac mini has also not changed and I think that they will make a new one maybe integrate it with and AppleTV which would give consumers a copmputer and set top box.
  5. 12 inch Macbook a cheap macbook air that will allow people to get a small lightweight computer that they will be able to afford.
  6. Faster macbook! They just increased the imac to 3 GHZ why not move the macbooks too!

These are all my predictions for this years WWDC I hope they all come true and then some.

PS. Here is a link to the Apple Keynote bingo where you can play along as you watch I almost had Bingo for Macworld

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