WWDC Predictions

The time has come once again for Apple to give the Worldwide Developers Conference Keynote.  The keynote will be on  Monday June 8th and will be delivered by Phil Shiller. There has, as always, been flurries of rumors about what we will see, who will do it and when new products will be released.

New iPhone

  • 32 GB Model
  • Better Camera with Video Recording
  • Thinner Body
  • Turn-By-Turn Directions
  • iPhone 3.0 Software

Snow Leopard:

  • Preview of Progress
  • Announcement of Release Date


  • Not announced at WWDC


  • Not Announced at WWDC

Steve  Jobs:

  • Reports have stated he has become much healthier and is on schedule to return at the end of June
  • Cameo at Keynote????

There you have it my thoughts of what will occur at WWDC this Monday. I will write a review and reaction as usual on Tuesday after the keynote.

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  1. Reed says:

    Turn by turn directions would be an app someone needs to make, not a hardware upgrade.

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