7 Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers

To be honest, when I first got started blogging I had no idea what I was getting into! But, now that I have blogged but, now that I have done it for a while, I want to share some of the best blogging practices. I think that blogging is a growing trend and I want to advise new bloggers what the best practices are.

1. Write What You Know
If you don’t write what you know then your posts sound phony and then people will loose trust in your site and you will loose readers.

2. Write About What You Like
This is probably the most important part because if you aren’t enjoying blogging then, you will just be going through the motions and won’t enjoy blogging at all. However, if you write about what you like blogging can be a lot of fun!

3. Stay in Tune To Current Events
If you know there is going to be a big event, and would be of interest to your target reader or just a lot of people then it would be a good idea to do a post about it. People are more likley to look for current events than anything else which could help boost your readership.

4. Don’t Write Attack Posts
This is a simple concept that can save a lot of fighting by simply not attacking other bloggers because that causes Flamewars and makes everyone involved look bad and make the reader want to look else where to read.

5. Fully research the Topic, Then Write
Writing without researching occurs a lot in blogging especially when people are writing passion-driven articles and the writer does not think to investigate the other side of the argument. I am not claiming that I do this on every post I write, but I do if I am unsure about a topic or facts. Not research is yet another error that can cost you readers.

6. Accept and Listen to Feedback

I highy reccommend having a feedback email address or contact form on your site so readers can send you feedback because they will give you suggestions and feedback that can help you refine your blog and also help you be a better blogger. Sometimes, the feedback may be tough to reader but, if you work through all that and take all the feedback with a grain of salt, you will become a better blogger in the big scheme of things.

7. Write in Your Own Words

Many people try and use over-complex vocabulary and flowery language in their posts to seem more sophisticated, but, I think blogging is a lot more enjoyable if you use your own writing style because readers will pick up on that and will feel like you are reading it to you instead of some rich author and makes your blog more appealing to the everyday reader.

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